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London underground by design

London Underground By Design is the beautifully illustrated new book from Mark Ovenden, the acclaimed author of Great Railway Maps of the World, published to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the Tube in 2013.

Let's think! Early years

Let's think! Early years is a resource pack for teachers aimed at developing thinking early primary students. It can be found in a blue bag and contains 14 packs of activity cards and a teacher's guide book.

Let's celebrate: support pack

A photocopiable support pack containing tasks which include a birthday party for a six-year-old, a prototype party pack, a product launch, a spectacular carnival, a school-based celebration of sport, a commemorative exhibition and inventing your own celebration.

Let's celebrate

Part of a series, this book is intended to engage pupils' interest and provide a context for discussion and investigation. They are encouraged to evaluate past and present artefacts, systems and environments, to identify needs and generate ideas for their own activity.

Lasers: what they can do and how they work

Explains the workings of lasers and surveys the uses of lasers in areas such as industry, medicine, chemistry, and communications.

Land transport

Looks at the topic of land transport on a design and technology basis. This book answers the questions - what is its purpose? what is it made of? how is it put together? how does it work?

Related craft activities help the reader to discover these answers.

Issues in design education

This book is written in the light of the National Curriculum and the new role of design education in schools. The purpose of this book is to argue the case for a central role for design in the curriculum at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

Throughout the 12 chapters, written in the main by design...

Investigating technology: book 2

The second of four photocopiable technology books providing topics centred on common primary-school themes. Each two-page topic has detailed teacher's notes facing the pupils' assignment.

Intro to engineering

A new and creative way of testing friction, will the type of material change the distance the disk travels? Will the amount of force generated affect the distance the disc travels?

Those questions and many more can be answered with this hands on learning kit. Kit contains; Calibrated launching station, 30...

Industrial design A-Z

From toothbrushes to cars, this work, written by Charlotte and Peter Fiell, features everyday products designed by luminaries.


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