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Home energy

Reducing energy usage in the home saves money, increases energy security and reduces the need to burn unsustainable fossil fuels. The first step in doing this is monitoring how much energy is...

What is a program

This activity is designed to introduce students to what is meant by a program. It asks students to create a set of instructions that will solve a problem and defines a program as a set of step by step instructions that must be followed.

Programming commands

This activity is designed to build on understanding of programming commands and what they are used to do in a program. It requires learners to show a detailed knowledge of each command and what it is used to do. It also requires them to apply programming skills in a real context. The resource contains an...

Modifying the security system

In this activity, learners will improve and further develop their programmable alarm system using the micro:bit.

Analysing the needs of a burglar alarm

In this activity, learners will look at the requirements for a good home security system from the perspective of a burglar. They will then use this information to develop a set of design criteria for the system.


Producing a treadle pump

This resource looks into making a prototype of a treadle pump. 

Suggested learning outcomes include:

  • To be able to manufacture a working prototype of a treadle pump for people living in a remote village.
  • To be able to select appropriate materials, tools and equipment for a manufacturing...

Spaghetti bridges

This activity could be used in Key Stage 2 as a stand-alone activity, as a focused task to develop skills in the use of the glue gun, or as part of a structures project investigating bridges.

In this activity, students develop both their skills in using a glue gun and demonstrate their understanding of how...

50+ Primary level STEM activities for any classroom

We know that in the current situation, STEM activities may be harder to run, especially with concerns about sharing equipment in groups.  We have selected over 50 activities that can be done in any classroom, with very little equipment.  These can...

Engineering in a pandemic

This resource explores the vital role engineers play in responding to a global pandemic. It is designed to provide practical and contextualised tasks that demonstrate the role that STEM-based learning plays in real-world engineering scenarios.

Challenges in this STEM resource include:

  • building...

Engineering materials for a greener planet

Engineering materials for a greener planet features a series of real-world engineering activities that puts the environment at the heart of learning.

Students will explore the creative and practical side of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) subjects, as well as being introduced to the...


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