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STEM Learning magazine: primary - summer 2016

This STEM Learning magazine aimed at all primary teachers contains articles devoted to teaching science, mathematics, design and technology and computing at primary level. Articles include: 

  • What does primary STEM look like?
  • Taking the next step in coding
  • Could the...

Mission to the Moon

This collection of practical activities, investigations and games is all based on current lunar research. It supports many aspects of working scientifically and links to area of the curriculum including: earth and space, light and shadows, forces, materials, changes of state and rocks and soils. Activities are...

Where Would You Photograph? (7-11)

In this activity children take on the role of Earth observation scientists submitting a request for an image they would like for their research. This gives them the opportunity to consider the possibilities of pictures taken from orbit (and the limitations) and to write scientifically for a specific audience. It...

How to Plan and Run Your Own Space Week

This guide  supports primary schools in planning and running their own Space Week, providing a wealth of ideas for activities for children in EYFS and primary schools as well as links to many high-quality resources to support teachers in planning a week of engaging learning experiences for their pupils. The guide...

Paper Bridges

Freee downloadble pupil challenge.

Geography and applied maths activity

Using the video (, discuss in groups how to help Natasha and the former lighthouse keeper to swim the 3km channel between the island and the mainland

When to set off? climate vs weather

What time to set off? Tides...

Journey to the Moon

The Ginn Science Year Two information book Journey to the Moon was written for Year Two (Primary Three) students aged six to seven years and published in 1991. It relates to the content strand ‘Earth and space’, explains how the Moon travels in relation to the Earth and describes the journey of the first astronauts...

From the Ground and From the Sky

This activity introduces the idea of remote observation by asking children to match photographs such as lakes, mountains and cities taken from the ground with early astronaut photographs. Children then compare the images from the ground with the astronaut picture of the same place. This activity is also suitable...

Forces and Movement Teachers’ Guide (Ages 5-7)

This Nuffield Primary Science Teachers’ Guide for teaching the Forces and Movement topic, to students aged 5-7, is divided into three chapters: 

*Chapter 1: Planning - showing how to use the resources to plan a topic and, in the second edition, more guidance on how to implement the SPACE approach


Explore the Future

This activity pack, aimed at children aged 5-11, contains a range of different activities based on the theme “Explore the future”. The activities cover a mixture of topics including; including: Earth and Space, food, the water cycle, forces, magnets, energy and the environment.

Designed either for use in...


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