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Immune system

Published by the Wellcome Trust, the 'Big Picture' explores issues around biology and medicine.

This resource looks at several aspects of the immune system including:

  • The non-specific immune response
  • Specific immune response and antigen recognition
  • T cells and B cells
  • ...

Genes, genomes and health *suitable for home teaching*

Published by the Wellcome Trust, the 'Big Picture' explores issues around biology and medicine.

In recent years, great progress has been made in genome sequencing and understanding the huge amount of data produced. Our genes play a key part in making us who we are, but how can science help us understand our...


This issue of Big Picture provides lots of interesting information about flowering plants and their uses. 

The plant hormones animation explores the action of indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) and shows how scientists used experimental evidence to explain the role of auxins in a phototrophic response.


Arctic Survey: The Navigation Toolkit

This toolkit, from the Plus magazine's collaboration with Arctic Survey Education, explores the navigational aspects of the expedition, including questions surrounding cartography and Global Positioning (GPS) systems. The toolkit can be download as a whole or as individual components. The individual components are...

How We Look

Published by the Wellcome Trust, the 'Big Picture' explores issues around biology and medicine. This issue looks at the interplay between the biology that sculpts our form and the culture that interprets and adapts it.

It asks what we mean by ‘normal’, what beauty is and how such concepts influence the way...

The Many Faces of Biology

This Catalyst article takes a look at the great variety of biology-related courses in universities. There are over 1,400 different university biology courses, choosing the right one for the individual student requires care. The article includes case studies about past students and the careers they have been able to...

Lost in Interpretation

These lesson activities from Planet Science are designed to improve students’ scientific literacy in regard to data and its interpretation. The resource encourages students to be critically reflective when data is presented and interpreted by the scientists involved and/or the media and to be aware that this can...

The Placebo Effect

This investigation, provided by Planet Science, covers three lessons. The aim of the lessons is to introduce students to the concept of the placebo effect - that something which cannot have any effect does in fact have the same or similar effect as the drug or experiment being tested. This is usually due to the...

Let’s Get Detoxed: Scientific Claims from Advertising

This resource, from Planet Science, examines the claims made by AquaDetox that toxins can be extracted from the body by electrolysis of a salt solution in which feet are bathed. The lesson activities revise the way in which toxins are removed from the body naturally and use practical work to investigate and...

Climate Change Toolkit

This toolkit from Plus magazine and Arctic Survey Education looks at models of climate change and sea ice growth.

The toolkit can be downloaded as a whole or as the individual components, which are:
• Arctic supermodels - background article
• Modelling ice thickness - worksheet and worksheet...


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