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Primary Science Activities for Winter

In this National STEM Learning Centre and Network video, Zoe Crompton shows two activities that primary teachers can use in the winter. Each one involves using snow or ice. The first activity is inspired by the question "Why do we put salt on the roads?" It demonstrates a fair test to compare the effectiveness of...

Let's Doodle

This workshop or lesson activity makes use of a 3-D printing pen, and covers many computational thinking concepts as well as practical and evaluative skills applicable to design and technology.

The teacher guide includes a range of ‘unplugged’ computing activities – no programming is involved. The...

Crazy Graphics

This workshop investigates how images are stored as data, and shows the difference that ‘bit depth’ makes to the quality of images and number of colours.

It begins by looking at paintings and how, using only paint, images were difficult to edit – however digital images are much easier. Pupils with access to...

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