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This publication from the Department for Education lists ten tips on how to help young students make informed decisions about STEM courses and careers. A list of useful websites including information on STEM initiatives and careers is also provided.

20 Top Tips for a Successful STEM Careers Day

This resource from the Department for Education provides some useful tips on how to organise a successful STEM careers day: from contacting your local STEM broker and organising exciting activities to involving sixth formers and STEM local employers.

London Engineering Project: Gender Inclusion and Cultural Diversity Guidelines

From the London Engineering Project, this document gives practical advice to practitioners about gender and cultural diversity, and suggests good practice in technology and engineering delivery.

Special Study: Chemical Engineering

This Nuffield Advanced Chemistry Special Study enabled students to see something of the scope of the field of chemical engineering, and to appreciate its dependence upon chemical principles The objectives were to show:
*that chemical engineers are concerned with...

Science and Engineering on the Moon Challenge

These NASA materials describe hands-on science and engineering challenges for students, using space exploration as an engaging context. The activities are related to NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter and NASA's Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite missions. Students design and build: *an air-powered...

Early Years Engineering: How do they do it in Germany?

This Teachers TV video shows how Germany aims to address a shortage of engineers by inspiring students from an early age. Engineering companies are producing teaching resources and training kindergarten teachers to help encourage skills and an interest in science and technology from Early Years upwards.


Cars on the Move

Work done in this Nuffield 13 - 16 module followed from the S unit called ‘Rockets and momentum’. This S unit provided enough material for eight double periods during a single-certificate science course. The teachers’ guide included eight worksheets to supplement the...

Cutting Edge Materials: Videos

A video produced by the Institute of Physics (IOP) shows researchers at the Department of Engineering, University of Liverpool, undertaking world-beating research into advanced materials.

The video is presented as a whole and, for ease of use, also in six sections:

Materials scientists:...

Cutting Edge Materials: Activity Sheets

Seven activity sheets produced by the Institute of Physics (IOP) to accompany the MODEL Project's Cutting Edge Materials video.

Worksheet one takes an overview of the topic. Worksheets two - seven are targeted at specific sections of the video.

Answers to all the worksheet questions are provided in...

Harnessing Energy: Videos

This video, produced by the Institute of Physics (IOP), shows a physicist working at the Centre for Alternative Energy.

The physicist's job is to help people learn about conserving energy and using energy from the sun, wind and water in place of fossil fuels.

The video is presented as a...


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