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Are we connected?

A STEM teaching and learning resource that explores engineering through the technology we communicate and connect with.

This is Engineering: Entertainment

The This is Engineering: Entertainment STEM resource explores the essential role that engineers play in the entertainment industry.

This is Engineering: Entertainment asks young learners to express and share their thoughts and ideas, to be curious, experiment, find their own passions and interests, and to...

Student-led STEM Clubs - Handbook

A useful handbook for setting up a student-led STEM club, with exemplars from three schools.

It is increasingly recognised that giving students opportunities to act as ambassadors and mentors for STEM subjects outside of school can be of great benefit to the individual, their institution, and to the broader...

Making waves

These resources explores how engineers have used their knowledge of waves to improve lives.  The activities include:

  • Using the reflection of light to create a floating image
  • Investigating the best material for thermal resistance (insulation) in a survival suit

Curriculum links...

CREST Superstar challenges

The 46 activities in this pack are a selection from the Crest Superstar Challenges. They are great to use in a science club, for science week or even with whole classes as part of the curriculum. They each contain a story to introduce a science topic topic and provide a context for investigation. Children can then...

Rover and instrument design

This activity will introduce students to instruments and rovers that are designed by scientists and engineers for use in planet exploration. Students are given a range of considerations before they learn more about existing instruments and rovers used in missions to Mars. Students then have the opportunity to...

Rover and instrument design

This activity allows pupils to gain an understanding of the different requirements for rover and instrument design. Throughout the session pupils have the opportunity to research different instruments used in space exploration and create a presentation of what they have learned and which instruments they think are...

The Mars Mission: Marvellous Machines

This resource supports learning about the ExoMars rover, which will travel across the Martian surface and drill up to two metres below the surface to collect and analyse samples in the search for evidence of life. These activities support children in finding out how more about the rover and the ExoMars mission. The...

A Teacher's Guide - Linking careers to the STEM curriculum

Linking Careers to the STEM Curriculum is a careers resource aimed at teachers of science, design and technology, computing, engineering and mathematics. It offers immediate ideas to try, longer term solutions and resource recommendations for linking careers to lessons.

This guide will help you to:


Silver Award: Triathlon

These materials look at three possible projects that relate to the bicycle used by an athlete in a triathlon: * Communications project - students gather information and give advice about which bike is suitable for a range of users. * Practical project - students undertake practical experiments to investigate the...


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