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Engineering on a mission compilation video

This video shows a compilation of the Engineer on a Mission videos from Tomorrow's Engineers.  

Green bus

This activity sheet includes a range of activities including researching how buses can be powered in more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways, a quiz and a world jumble. The resource also gives a web link allowing pupils to further explore any questions they may have, learn fun facts and discover a range...

This is Engineering: Helping the environment

This video introduces the idea that engineers are working to save lives and save our planet. "Save energy, save materials, save lives. Some of the biggest challenges we face stem from how we interact with our environment, and engineering is at the heart of finding sustainable solutions. From renewable power...

This is Engineering: Helping people

This video introduces the idea that engineers are working on solutions to help people. "Engineering makes a difference to all of our lives, and that also means helping those most in need. Whether through making buildings safer in the face of natural disasters, developing medical technologies that detect and...

Targeting cancerous cells

Professor Rebecca Shipley leads a team developing tools to understand the structure of cancerous tissues. She was inspired to start working in engineering because she wanted to work on innovations that can make a difference to people's lives. In the video she talks about one of her current projects, understanding...

Programming for dementia

Severin Skillman develops software applications and systems to help dementia patients. In this video he talks about his work with the UK Dementia Research Institute, working to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia in their own home and to delay the disease progression.

Making Circuits

These diagnostic questions and response activities (contained in the zip file) support students in being able to:

  • Build simple circuits from pictures or demonstrations.
  • Identify components from their circuit symbols, and draw the circuit symbol for common components.       
  • Identify...

Engineering at the movies - resources guide

Engineering in the Movies lets pupils explore the creative and practical side of STEM in the movie industry while introducing the important role engineers have in the movie industry. Through 12 engaging activities, pupils will see how topics from their subject lessons can be applied in real-world engineering. This...

Smartphone projector

In this STEM club activity, students build their own smartphone projector using a mobile phone, shoebox and a magnifying lens.

Removing resistance

Understand the engineering principles of hovering by building your own craft that can glide effortlessly across the table. This practical engineering activity provides instructions and teaching content to create a hovercraft out of a CD and balloon. 


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