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Stem Ambassador induction training

All STEM Ambassadors must do an induction, either face-to-face offered by your local STEM Ambassador Hub or online.


Module 1


Steiner Trees

A CS Unplugged series resource aimed at younger students but also works well with A level students. The document contains student activities covering constructing Steiner trees, greedy algorithms and solving traversal problems.

The four layer TCP/IP model

This resource consists of a lesson plan from Cybersecurity Challenge UK on the topic of the TCP/IP model of networking. It would be useful as a topic introduction.

STEM Ambassador top tips

We've put together a series of top tip guidance and advice documents that aim to help you with creating and delivering activities:

Crazy Algorithms

This unplugged computing activity from the Barefoot Computing project teaches basic algorithms . An algorithm is a precise sequence of instructions or a set of rules for performing a specific task. By teaching this short, unplugged activity...

A Circle Journey

The initial task involves using factors of 12 and -12 to set up two points. Compasses are used to draw a circle that has the two points as its diameter. An interesting feature of the resulting...

Annulus Volume of Revolution

A segment of a circle is created using a chord parallel to the x-axis. The resulting segment of the circle is then revolved 360° about the x-axis. The problem is to calculate the volume of the resulting annulus.

To find a general solution to the problem involves using an elemental disc ring and integrating...

Brackets Out, Brackets In

The problem starts with choosing three distinct, non-zero integers between -5 and 5 that do not sum to zero. These are then used in a six factorisations that make use of...

A Geometric Progression Problem

There is an initial investigation of geometric progressions where the interval between the first and second, and the third and fourth terms are given, with the challenge of discovering two possible values for the first term and associated common ratio. There are ten examples to work on to enable collaboration...

Integration Stretch

The initial problem looks at an area given between two curves. The first curve is a parabola with the x and y axis intercepts given. The second curve is a stretch parallel...


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