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Evaluating the impact of new teaching approaches - design and technology

These videos guide you through the process of evaluating the impact of changes you make to teaching approaches in your classroom. The evaluation approaches described here will enable you to tell whether new approaches are more effective than what they have replaced. You'll be able to make evidence-informed...

Careers in robotics

This poster displays quotes from STEM Ambassadors who use robotics in their role:

  • Researcher
  • Offshore Renewables Energy Engineer
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer

What skills can I develop with robotics?

This poster provides examples of the types of skills that you can develop whilst learning robotics, including:

  • problem solving
  • teamwork
  • creativity

Robotics in STEM industries

This poster provides examples of different industries that are using robotic technology. For example:

  • Manufacturing
  • Subsea
  • Transport
  • Healthcare
  • Space

Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project: Solving problems at sea

This video and classroom task explores how the crew of the Black Sea Maritime Archaeology Project (@BlackSeaMAP) solved the problem of how to safely retrieve and store an archeological find, whilst working offshore, exploring the Bulgarian Black Sea.

The project included the discovery of the world’s...

Everyday engineering by Dallas Campbell

Dallas Campbell shows how you can get involved in engineering from your own home.  This video includes three links to engineering:

He describes a way of making a paper aeroplane that will be a good long distance flyer. 

Dallas talks about how bras require engineering design to enable them to...

Bacon sandwiches in space

Dallas Campbell talks about how engineering links to the production and packaging of foods.  He gives the example of the bacon sandwich that was designed for Tim Peake to eat in microgravity on board the International Space Station.  Both the bread itself, and the can it was contained in, had to be designed...

How bras inspired the spacesuit

Dallas Campbell talks about how bras require engineering design to enable them to be both comfortable and supportive. He explains how a bra manufacturer was involved in the first designs of space suits for NASA.

Become an innovator!

Become an innovator! This video introduces the challenges involved in the V&A Innovate collection.  It sets the scene for how creativity and design can have a positive impact on our world and tasks students with using their creative talents to solve...

Getting started

This collection of Getting Started resources will help you to set up the V&A Challenge with your students. Getting Started focuses your students on establishing a design team. The downloadable resources provide ideas for mini team challenges that your students can take part in to help them begin their creative...


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