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STEM Ambassador Profile Videos

In these videos, STEM Ambassadors describe why they took on the role and the benefits both for the students they visit and for themselves. The first video, Auditioning the STEM Ambassadors, was made by students who tested 16 STEM Ambassador finalists of a competition to choose a number who would feature in a series...

STEM Fairs

STEM Fairs offer wide and varied opportunities to expand students’ views of the world of STEM. This collection of resources, provided by the British Science Association, with support from Intel Education, includes practical help for teachers to get the most out of a STEM Fair. The materials offer advice applicable...


This collection contains a variety of STEM reports published by a number of different organisations.

The reports have been classified into the following sub collections:

*Post 16

*Professional development

*STEM evaluation reports

This collection of STEM education reports explores professional development across the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM subjects).

The reports include:

*A recommended code of governance for schools: a flexible framework for strategic planning
*Space for technicians?

This collection holds a variety of reports about education issues in general, rather than about specific subjects. They include reports which discuss the development and importance of vocational courses, progression from Key Stage Four to A Level and continuing professional development for teachers and technicians...

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