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A collection of post 16 resources about transcription, translation and gene expression.  These resources are part of the Post 16 genetics and genomics collection.

DNA replication

A collection of resources about DNA replication.  These resources are part of the post 16 genetics and genomics collection.

This is a collection of over 100 resources covering post 16 genetics and genomics.  The resources are organised into the following sections:

A collection of resources covering DNA, genes and chromosomes. This collection is part of the Post 16 genetics and genomics collection.

ExoMars collection

This collection of resources support learning about STEM subjects using the context of exploring Mars. Using the context of the ExoMars mission, activities link to areas of the curriculum including: science, D&T and computing. There are activities focused on children of different ages, ranging from 5-18 ...

We Are Aliens!

The We Are Aliens! teaching resources were produced to support the planetarium show made by NSC Creative. They have been produced by lead educators from the National Space Academy to use the context of space to teach physics, chemistry and biology in the curriculum. The resources contain practical activities,...

Core Maths

This collection contains resources produced by the Core Maths Support Programme to support the implementation of Core Maths.

The collection covers six mathematical areas:

  • Numbers and measures
  • Financial maths
  • Discrete maths
  • Algebra and graphs
  • Statistics
  • ...


This collection of resources is produced by the Core Maths Support Programme to support the implementation of Core Maths. The collection contains a range of activities all designed to enable students to use and apply statistics in unfamiliar contexts.


Sun|trek is an educational website about the Sun, our star, and its effect on the Earth's environment. It has been produced by a team of solar research scientists, working with teachers and educators. It is closely linked to the UK school curriculum Sun|trek have produced projects for schools, at Key Stage 4, using...

The STFC Lunar Rocks and Meteorites Loan Scheme has been running since the mid 1980s. It has lent the NASA Moon rock discs and meteorites to thousands of schools, museums and outreach organisers. The collection has been produced by the ASE with the University of Manchester, Millgate House Education, the Natural...


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