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2. Optical Fibres in School Physics

This Association for Science Education (ASE) publication about optical fibres was developed in association with the General Electric Company (GEC). At the time of publication GEC was the largest manufacturer of electrical and electronic products in the United Kingdom, and was one of the biggest companies in the...

7. Safety in Gas Appliances

This Association for Science Education (ASE) publication about safety in gas appliances was developed in association with the British Gas Corporation. At the time, this was the only gas industry in the world to be involved in every aspect of gas supply.

The booklet contained guidance for teachers and notes...

Technology, Invention and Industry

This book from the SISCON series contains stories of inventions, studies two important modern industries (plastics and microelectronics) and looks at the effects of their developments on society in the 1980s.

Chapters in this booklet are:

*Ingredients for invention -...

Special Study: Chemical Engineering

This Nuffield Advanced Chemistry Special Study enabled students to see something of the scope of the field of chemical engineering, and to appreciate its dependence upon chemical principles The objectives were to show:
*that chemical engineers are concerned with the economic production of chemicals.

10. Electronics of Control Systems

In these experiments students make and test circuits to investigate a range of effects:

Section A: Transforming a d.c. power supply
*Experiment A(i): Step-up voltage regulator
*Experiment A(ii): Step-down voltage regulator
*Experiment A(iii): High current step-down regulator

Supersonic Flight

This book looks at supersonic flight.

The shock boundary caused by the abrupt change in pressure is explained with the aid of a diagram. The development of supersonic aircraft is explored, with a look at the overall efficiency of supersonic flight compared to subsonic flight. The effect of kinetic heating...


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