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LEGO activities from QMUL - this is where you can download the pdf versions of the leaflets you saw at the York teachmeet on 6/7/2015

Basic Skills in Maths KS2

These sample worksheets are a lesson in themselves, once a week. They are a consolidation of lessons during the week and formalising written methods to solve these problems.
KS2 Basic Skills is available (the whole package @ www.ks2basicskills...

AstroPi Code Sheet

Code cheat sheet for the AstroPi HAT add on board

A guide to Ohbot

Ohbot is a new build-it-yourself educational robot which models some of the physical movements of the human head from the neck up.  It can nod and turn its plastic head, open its mouth, turn its eyes and raise its eyebrows - all controlled by servo motors and linkages.  Programming is in a Scratch-based system...

Polymers - free residential courses to improve your understanding and knowledge.

Aimed at Science and D and T professionals these 4 day residential courses take place at Napier, Manchester and London Metropolitan Universities in June and July 2015. A mixture of lectures from leading academics and industry professionals combined with laboratory sessions and visits to polymer processing factories...

Peer Reviewing Hinge-Point Questions: Exemplars

To support you in writing your feedback we have provided three example responses to Step 3.8, with feedback. Take account of the examples when you provide your own feedback, but at the same time, don’t treat these as “model peer reviews”. You may also find it useful to remind yourself with the quizzes in Steps 3.3...

Primary Science Review-Good Explanations for Dissolving

This article has kindly been provided by ASE. For further support like this please see ASE membership on

(This resource was used to support the free online ...


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