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Monotremes and Marsupials: the Other Mammals

Produced in 1983 by the Institute of Biology as part of its Studies in Biology series, this booklet looks at the mammals of Australia, monotremes such as the platypus and marsupials like koalas and kangaroos. The resource considers their origins and biological features, including reproduction, temperature, energy...

Animal Asymmetry

Produced in 1976 by the Institute of Biology as part of its Studies in Biology series, this booklet studies animals which are not symmetrical - those which cannot be mirror-imaged along their mid-line. The asymmetry may be behavioural as well as structural and this is emphasised when looking at symmetrical animals...

Carrion and Dung: the Decomposition of Animal Wastes

Produced in 1983 by the Institute of Biology as part of its Studies in Biology series, this booklet looks at the interesting subject of the decomposition system and the importance of the organisms which facilitate this to ecology. This booklet examines the mechanics and processes of the decomposition of carrion and...

Introduction to Chromotography

This Concepts in Chemistry book provides an introduction to chromatography for post-16 students who have never used the technique before. Published in 1969, the book explains the theory, techniques and gives example of experiments and guides to reading the results.

[b]1. Introduction...

Spectroscopy in Chemistry

The aim of this Concepts in Chemistry book was to indicate the varied applications of spectroscopy in the field of chemistry. Written in 1969, it was written specifically for post-16 students meeting chemical spectroscopy for the first time.


[b]1 Introduction[/b]
1.1 What is...

Structure and Behaviour

This book provides an introduction for post-16 students to the structure of inorganic substances and in particular to the relationship between structure and behaviour.

Written in 1970, the text encourages students to consider the structure of substances. The book considers structure in terms of electron...

The Chemical Electron

This book looks at the laws of the motion of the electron and it was written to extend and deepen the understanding of the role of the electron in chemistry.

1. The hydrogen atom: a proton and an electron
2. The elements: multi-electron atoms
3. The chemical electron...

Contemporary School Mathematics Exercises: 1

This resource, published by Edward Arnold, was written to supply a set of examples on the 'modern' topics required for the St. Dunstan's College O-level examination syllabus, but many of the chapters go beyond the needs of O-level.

The text preceding each exercise is brief, but there are references to other...

Matrices: Pure and Applied

This resource from the Contemporary School Mathematics collection published by Edward Arnold, is intended as an extension and continuation of Matrices 1 and Matrices 2 at Sixth Form level. The book contains a short revision of '0' level matrix work but is, in fact, completely self-contained. The first section (...

Chemistry Experiments

Chemistry Experiments contains a varied collection of labcards and worksheets from which teachers can choose in order to build up a programme of chemistry practical work for use in the school laboratory. The labcards include labelled diagrams and questions which are designed to help guide students through the...


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