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Physics in Mathematical Mood

Physics in Mathematical Mood – how physics can be taught in an appropriately mathematical way and how the beauty and power of mathematical reasoning can be conveyed to students. This booklet, from the Institute of Physics, considers many aspects of mathematics for physics students.

[b]Content includes[/b]:...

Physics in Vocational Courses

Physics in Vocational Courses – the role of physics in ‘general vocational’ and ‘vocational’ learning pathways. This booklet, from the Institute of Physics, considers the vocational (applied) science curriculum and what physics can contribute to it.

[b]Content includes[/b]:
• what is ‘vocational...

The Study of Matter

This booklet, from the Institute of Physics, considers what and how future scientists and engineers can be taught about different states of matter.

[b]Content includes[/b]:
• advances in materials – past, present and future
• motivating students
• resources to support teaching and learning...

Revitalising Physics Education

This booklet, from the Institute of Physics, takes a broad view of physics as a subject and considers possible ways forward. It considers constraints, proposals, and the importance of partnerships to the process of curriculum development.

[b]Content includes[/b]:
• histories of physics and of education...

Nuffield Advanced Biology: Course Guide

This Nuffield Foundation Course Guide was written to give a chapter by chapter breakdown of the Nuffield A-level and AS-level Biology specifications as they were in the 1990s following the introduction of GCSE and the growth of double-award science programmes. The purpose of the course guide was to help students...

Nuffield Advanced Biology: Foundation Unit

The Nuffield Advanced Biology Foundation Unit was designed to help students progress from GCSE science to the Nuffield Advanced Level Biology course as it was in the 1990s. Using brief overviews of some of the topics in the Study Guides, this booklet was designed to...

Nuffield Advanced Biology: Projects and Investigations

The Nuffield Advanced Biology project published this guidance for students and teachers on all of the main issues involved in practical work and extended investigations following changes to the specifications in the 1990s.


Chapter 1: A guide for students on class practical...

The IQ3 Microcontroller Module

From the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP), this book looks at a self-contained programmable device called the IQ3 which is capable of use in a wide variety of engineering contexts ranging from simple door interlocking to production line control and robotics.

The IQ3 has four outputs each capable of...

The Essential Chemical Industry

This online resource, provided by The Centre for Industry Education Collaboration (CIEC), is intended for students studying A level chemistry. It gives an up-to-date description of the industry; all units include information provided...

Nuffield Advanced Chemistry (Fourth Edition): Students' Book

Like its predecessors, the Students' Book of the Fourth Edition of Nuffield Advanced Chemistry contained instructions for practical work, interpretations of the experiments, background reading, and questions to help students develop their understanding of chemical ideas.

All topics had several features in...


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