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Organ and Tissue Donation

Produced for the Debating Matters competition, this topic guide looks at the use of financial incentives to encourage greater tissue and organ donations. It contains information, further reading and web links that help students to understand and debate the issues.

In the UK, there is a shortage of organ...


These materials, produced by the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP), are a design and make project investigating the micro-climate of a school's grounds to decide the best location for a solar panel or wind generator. Students are required to undertake the following tasks:

• Use instrumentation

Particle Physics

The Particle Physics Project was made possible by funding from the Institute of Physics and support from the Centre for Science Education at the Open University. The project devised a pack of resources to help teachers and learners to engage with one of the most dramatic areas of modem physics: the search for...

Science for Understanding Tomorrow's World: Global Change

Science for Understanding Tomorrow's World: Global Change is a book containing student activities and teacher guidance for courses for the 16–20 age range in biology, chemistry, earth sciences, physics and general studies. The resources were developed by the Education in Global Change Project and published by the...

Ethics, Morality and Animal Biotechnology

Written in 1999, and published by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), this book looks at issues surrounding the ethical use of animals in the field of biotechnology.

The chapters in the book cover:

Current developments in animal...

Ethics, Morality and Crop Biotechnology

Written in 1996, and published by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), this book looks at issues surrounding the use of genetic modification in agriculture.

The chapters in the book cover:

Moral and ethical concerns
* What are moral and...

Flywheels in Engineering

This publication, from the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP), looks at the topic of flywheels and how they can be used to store or smooth energy flows. The book initially provides information for students on the following topics:

• The energy-storage system
• Cyclicity of supply
• Energy and...

Corrosion: the Virus of Engineering

From the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP), this publication looks at the process and problems caused by the corrosion of metals. The first part of the publication gives background information for students on elements, atoms, ions and electrochemical reactions involved in rusting. This helps students to...

The Essential Plastics Industry

This book, produced by The Centre for Industry Education Collaboration (CIEC), is aimed at teachers and post-16 students studying chemistry, design or materials science courses. It contains a wealth of information that cover topics such as the properties of polymers, uses of plastics, production processes, waste...

Making Physics Connect

The booklet, from the Institute of Physics, considers how physics can connect with learners and with other human activities and areas of knowledge.

[b]Content includes[/b]:
•making explicit the coherence of the subject
•portraying scientists as real people
•introducing what it is like to...


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