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Chemical Engineering

This is one of the 14 Background Books published for Stage III of the Nuffield Chemistry Sample Scheme. The books were highly illustrated and designed to be attractive.

This book starts with a story of the discovery of a new solvent and the stages in the development of a new process to make it on a large...

Rocks in the Sheffield General Cemetery

This publication, produced by the Earth Science Teachers' Association, shows how igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks have been used in a city cemetery.

It illustrates how rocks are used for building, decorative and commemorative purposes.

Science in Society Readers: Reader D - Food

A reader from the Science in Society series which looks at the importance of good diet and nutrition. The book then considers the problems of food supply and distribution across the world from the viewpoint of the 1980s.

The chapters in this booklet are:
1. Nutrition and diet
2. Alternative sources...

Special Study: Biochemistry

This Nuffield Advanced Chemistry Special Study enabled students to see something of the scope of the field of biochemistry, and to appreciate its dependence upon chemical principles The objectives were: *to show the fundamental chemical nature of living processes. *to consider the similarity of the chemical...

Mechanics in Action

Mechanics in Action is an introduction to using practical approaches to teaching mechanics. It includes a background to modeling and 53 practical investigations with photocopyable worksheets and teachers' notes.

A knowledge of mechanics is necessary in the study of mathematics, science and engineering. This...

Energy: the Power to Work

This book from the SISCON series looks at past discoveries about energy, electricity generation, the hazards of nuclear energy and as stocks of fossil fuels run down, uncertainties about alternative energy supply.

Chapters in this booklet are:

*Trying to understand - What is energy?,...

Evolution and the Human Population

This book from the SISCON series starts with Darwin's ideas about natural selection; including the religious and scientific reactions. It then discusses some of the achievements and problems of genetics up to the 1980s.

Chapters in this booklet are:

*What is evolution? - The animals...

Health, Food and Population

This book from the SISCON series looks at attempts to eradicate disease by good sanitation and vaccination. It discusses concerns in the 1980s over the testing of medicines and explores some Third World health issues.

The chapters in this booklet are:

*Public health in Britain -...

Technology, Invention and Industry

This book from the SISCON series contains stories of inventions, studies two important modern industries (plastics and microelectronics) and looks at the effects of their developments on society in the 1980s.

Chapters in this booklet are:

*Ingredients for invention -...

The Atomic Bomb

This book from the SISCON series tells the story of the atomic bomb: from early discoveries in nuclear physics; development of the first bombs and their use in Hiroshima and Nagasaki; to fears in about nuclear warfare.

The chapters in this booklet are:

*Science on the payroll...


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