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The Safety Deposit Vault

This is an exercise with complex spreadsheets and mail-merged documents. It is based on an actual implementation in a vaut with over 1500 boxes of different sizes.

The simplified example uses nine boxes of three different sizes, each has the price for annual box rental.

Also recorded are the renters'...

Manufacturing Post-16

This publication, from the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP), helps students to understand the manufacturing process through a series of design challenges. Each has a specific brief and the topics include: • Designing and making a helping hand • Robotics: designing and making a walking robot • CAD/CAM:...

Sky Sign

This resource from Boxford describes a CNC routed sign project. Ideas for related activities are presented, such as colour schemes for signage and designing signs for people with handicaps. Issues to consider when manufacturing along with settings for machining are described. Safety considerations are discussed....

Plan your own scheme of work - Jamble

2 different versions of editable schemes of work, supporting the quick planning of lessons.

Where's the impact?

This resource looks at life-cycle analysis and how it is used to work out the environmental impact of different products.

Technical Bulletins

These Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP) technical bulletins provide quick and accessible guidance for teachers on how to get the most from equipment and techniques in a learning environment. The subjects covered include:

PODs Thermoforming
Describes how...

Control Post-16

These materials, produced by the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP) look at the development of control systems with the advent of microelectronics. Complex control systems can now be found in even the most common of consumer devices.

A series of study units looks at different aspects of control. They...

Architecture Workshops For Secondary Schools

Architecture Workshops are hands-on fun educational activities for all Key Stages and abilities. Designed to enhance the national curriculum and to communicate the art and experience of architecture, art, and design.

Architecture Workshops help resource the school curriculum by providing students with...

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