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This resource features five inspiring people who developed Bridget, a six-wheeled ExoMars rover. 

Bridget is a prototype of the vehicle that will be the largest and most sophisticated vehicle ever to visit Mars.

Each of the featured scientists describe their role in the space technology company...

Antimatter - Matter's Hidden Shadow

This poster looks at the nature of antimatter. One side of the poster discusses Dirac’s prediction and the subsequent discovery of antimatter, in the form of the positron. The difficulty of the storage of antimatter is explained and the use of positrons in medical imaging (PET scanners) is described. The other side...

Linear Programming

Linear Programming involves creating a function that represents a real life problem. The aim is to optimise this function given certain constraints. Simple examples of linear programming will have few variables and constraints, however, real life situations will have many more variables and constraints that will...

Critical Path Analysis

Critical path analysis is a project management technique and is used to lay out all of the activities which are needed to complete a task. Starting some activities will depend on completing others first, while independent activities can be started any time. Critical path analysis helps to predict the project...

Travelling Salesperson

The aim of a travelling salesperson problem is to visit every vertex of the network and return to the starting vertex using the route that has the minimum total weight. The problem requires students to find the best route for a courier to take to deliver parcels to a number of towns and return back to base.


Poster: 3D Printing Software

This poster describes how slicing software can be used to prepare a CAD model for 3D printing. It uses software specific to BeeVeryCreative, but has content applicable to many types of slicing software.

Poster: Fusion 360 Arm Cast

This poster provides student instruction of how to use Fusion 360 to create an arm cast, using a canvas, sculpt and patch function.

Poster: Fusion 360 Extrude

This poster provides student instruction of how to use the extrude function in Fusion 360.

Poster: Fusion 360 Revolve Function

This poster provides student instruction of how to use the revolve function in Fusion 360. 

Route Inspection

The aim of the route inspection problem is to find a route that is as short as possible yet goes down every road once and returns to the starting point. The task informs students that there has been a heavy snowfall overnight and that the students are required to clear the roads in the town centre as quickly as...


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