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Gas Guzzlers

The Nuffield Foundation provide this activity which uses graphical methods to find a suitable model to connect two sets of data. There are a variety of ways in which the data could be used, depending on the focus required. It is possible to use a log graph to find an exponential model, which is the intended focus...

Climate Prediction

The Nuffield Foundation provides this activity which students use to create spreadsheets that model what would happen to the temperature of the Earth if there were to be a sudden change in the amount of radiation entering or leaving the planet. Students then investigate polynomial and exponential functions to find...

Cellular respiration

Respiration is the chemical process of releasing energy from organic compounds. This poster illustrates the series of enzyme-controlled reactions in which energy is transferred to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP) from adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and...

Inside the cell

Explore the components of a typical animal cell.

Protein Synthesis

This poster explores the process of protein synthesis.

Relative size answer sheet

Answers to our relative size card sorting activity

Relative size activity cards

Space is huge and understanding magnitude of numbers is vital. Print and use these 25 cards to sort in order of size, from the width of DNA to the distance from Earth to the Andromeda galaxy.

What’s in that cell answer sheet

Answer sheet for the card game ‘What’s in that cell?’

What’s in that cell card game

Use our downloadable cards to check knowledge of the organelles in different types of cell.


These cards help students to compare and contrast the four major types of cells (plant, animal, fungal, bacterial). You could use them as simple...

The Cell Poster

We all share something amazing in common – that we developed from a single sperm and egg to become complicated, sophisticated organisms, made of trillions of cells. But what are these cells like and how do they vary from one tissue to another?

This poster gives a flavour of the complex make-up of a typical...


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