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Air Miles

This More Maths Grads resource, from the Maths Careers website, investigates the maths used in transport and is based on the travelling salesman problem.

Students are given a table containing information on the cost of air travel between nine different cities and asked to plan a route that visits each...

Fusion 360 - using sculpt to create a racing car seat

Powerpoint presentation with instructions for creating a racing seat using the sculpt set of functions. This works as a good introduction to sculpt functionality, with additional material to support creating a rendered product. This could be used as a tutorial or printed as student instructions.

What is structural engineering? Structural engineering for beginners

This presentation provides a great introduction to the work of structural engineers. Created by the The Institution of Structural Engineers, it provides an overview of the types of activities undertaken by structural engineers, examples of the impact that they make on society and provides an overview of the types...

Fusion 360 - Using static stress simulation to optimise a shape

This Powerpoint presentation provides instructions for creating a static stress simulation on a simple shape. Using the results of the simulation, you can then run a shape optimisation study to create the optimum dimensions for the shape within the given loads and movement. This is a great activity for those who...

Hot shot- a question of consistency

This Core Maths resource is a precursor to the linked tasks of Due dates, Baby boom and Chicken and egg, on the Normal distribution....

Moving averages

In this Core Maths task students construct line graphs for time series data, calculate the moving average and interpret the graph, stating conclusions.

Moving Averages: Front sheet
This teacher guidance gives an overview of the task including prior student knowledge, suggested...

The Jellyblubber colony

In this Core Maths task students are introduced to a new species of jellyfish that has been found off the Sussex coast and nicknamed ‘jellyblubbers’ by local people. It impossible to count how many ‘jellyblubbers’ are present, but some data has been collected and is being analysed for the purpose of answering the...


This Core Maths task investigates various aspects of gambling. Students investigate various aspects of gambling and helps develop a realistic assessment of the risks involved. Students will need a good understanding of theoretical and experimental probability.

Gambling: Teacher guidance...

Due dates

This Core Maths task looks to introduce the Normal distribution and is a precursor to the Baby boom activity.

Due dates: Teacher guidance
This teacher guidance gives an overview of the task including prior student knowledge,...

Body temperature

This Core Maths task asks the question ‘How do you know if you are really unwell?’ The activity explores the data surrounding body temperature, shows how to summarise continuous data and explores the effect on summary statistics that changing the size of the class interval has.

Body temperature:...


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