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Airworthiness Engineer: Nathan Kan

This STEMNET resource describes the background and career of STEM Ambassador Nathan Kan, a Senior Airworthiness Engineer.

Nathan works for QinetiQ, a company which provides technology-based services to the defence, security and related markets. It also delivers consultancy services to commercial and...

Risk Management Coordinator: Ross Wattie

This STEMNET resource describes the background and career of STEM Ambassador Ross Wattie, a risk management coordinator at an international integrated energy company.

Ross is currently involved in risk modelling to simulate different scenarios and assess their possible impacts. He has also found that his...

Electrical Engineer: Peter Damer

This STEMNET resource describes the background and career of STEM Ambassador Peter Damer, an engineer working for General Electric.

Peter works in selling and installing control systems. His engineering background has led him to take on a variety of roles that have included maintenance, project management...

Activity Case Study 17: Peter Damer

In this STEMNET case study, STEM Ambassador Peter Damer talks about his work with socially, emotionally and behaviourally disturbed primary school students in Hertfordshire.

Peter had previously been a teacher and, having given up teaching to move into industry, he found that he missed working with students...

Debbie Lumb

Debbie Lumb is an Assistant Headteacher in a science specialist college and is working with three colleagues to boost students' engagement with STEM subjects both in and out of school. Her team has received practical advice and support from STEMNET which provides them with training, networking and other events....

Ed Dyke

In this STEMNET resource, maths teacher Ed Dyke describes a STEM project undertaken by his school in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, called Rocket Day. The project was funded by the York and North Yorkshire Business and Education Partnership (NYBEP). Also involved was STEM Ambassador Clive Bell, who has worked for the...

Matthew Evans

In this STEMNET resource, Assistant Head Teacher Matthew Evans describes activities undertaken in his specialist Technology College to support STEM subject teaching. The school runs many STEM Clubs and has worked with STEM Ambassadors for nearly 15 years.

Matthew works closely with the STEM Ambassadors and...

Maths Career Profiles

This booklet has been provided by More Maths Grads and it is designed to highlight the versatility of mathematics and to show that a degree in the mathematical sciences can take students anywhere; it can open doors, from developing software technologies to being a professional rugby league player. Working on...

STEM Equality and Diversity Useful Websites

Produced for the Department for Education, this document contains an extensive list of web sites that will be useful to practitioners offering information and guidance in STEM careers to young people.

Easy Read Version of Equalities Bill

This booklet presents the key points of the Equality Bill 2009 in an easy-to-read format. It will be useful to teachers and could also be used within citizenship classes.


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