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Chi squared worked example: vitamin C and colds

Practise a chi squared test using this worked example investigating if taking vitamin C affected people’s chances of getting colds

Invasion and infection

Why do we need an immune system and what protection does it give us?

Immunity and vaccination

How is a vaccine developed, what is in it and how does it work?

Immune system and pregnancy

Nine facts show how intricate the immune system is.

Immune response

Understand the major components of the non-specific (innate)  and specific (adaptive) immune responses

Historical science aspects

Explore the impact of vaccination, the discovery of antibodies, germ theory, and major histocompatibility complex on our understanding of the immune system.

Ethical questions related to immunology

Who should decide about vaccination, organ donation, or research into highly infections diseases?

An introduction to the immune system

What is the immune system and how does it know you are you?

The immune response poster

Colour and grey scale versions of the poster show the cells, components and their interactions in the non-specific and specific immune response.

Past, present and future

Looking at trends and changes to predict what may happen in the future


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