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Population problems, ethics and questions

Why are ethics important? Test your understanding and then explore three case studies.

Complex networks

Competition, cooperation, conservation and communication in networks and ecosystems.

Changes big and small

Explore population growth and the theories of Malthus and Boserup.

Ecology fieldwork

A guide to carrying out an ecological study. How can you ensure your study has no bias?

Foundations of populations

What is a population and how can we study a population? Find out about key terms and concepts in this article.

Dataset for film (What’s up buttercup?)

Analyse these data to make conclusions about the population of buttercups explored in the video What’s up buttercup.

Investigate if there is a significant difference in the number of buttercups found at the top of the field compared with the number of buttercups at the bottom of the field. Do these data/...

Debatable issues

Looking to our future has some of our scientific endeavour actually created problems for us all? Discuss and debate issues around bananas,  sustainable farming and chocolate.

Plants for health

We’re already familiar with growth of vaccines in eggs but could plants help us to produce vaccines effectively and more cheaply? What other properties of plants might offer solutions for improved health?

Heroes and villains of the plant world

From cinchona to coffee, humans have exploited properties of plants. But does our favouritism or misuse turn these plants into heroes and villains? Explore the plants that provide us with essential products, from food to medicines and insecticides.


Plant defence, communication and resilience

Plants communicate – perhaps not as we do but communication is vital and some plants are surprisingly good at it. In these articles explore more about the role of action potential and discuss how understanding the resilience of plants could help us respond to...


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