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Engineering - Careers

A Catalyst article about careers in the different branches of modern engineering. The article offers an alternative view of engineering focusing on problem solving and making the world a better place to live. Engineers can travel the world working in teams such is the demand for their expertise and much use is made...

Exploration Geology - Careers

A Catalyst article about careers in geological exploration. The article contains a case study about an exploration geologist and looks at an undergraduate degree course in exploration geology.

This article is from Catalyst: GCSE Science Review 2007, Volume 17, Issue 4.


Forensic Science - Careers

A Catalyst article about careers in forensic science covering the work of the reporting officer. The article explains what it takes to become a forensic scientist and what qualities are required to join this profession.

This article is from Catalyst: GCSE Science Review 2005, Volume 16, Issue 1.


Radiography - Careers

A Catalyst article about careers using radiography in medical procedures. The article looks at a typical working day for a radiographer, the types of radiography used, how to become a radiographer and the qualifications available.

This article is from GCSE Science Review 2006, Volume 16, Issue 3.


Educational Psychology - Careers

A Catalyst article about careers in educational psychology. For students of psychology there are a range of career options; this article looks at the role of an educational psychologist and a typical working day.

This article is from Catalyst: GCSE Science Review 2006, Volume 16, Issue 4.



This Catalyst article describes the work of scientists detecting changes in the oceans. The working lives of three oceanographic scientists who are investigating the Gulf Stream are examined, as is the requirement for them to work closely with experts in other fields, such as: engineers, software developers and...

Careers in Biochemistry

This Catalyst article looks at young people working in biochemistry, detailing how they got to where they are and what their job involves.

This article is from Catalyst: Secondary Science Review 2011, Volume 22, Issue 2.

 Catalyst is a...

Alison Foster: a Chemist in the World of Plants

Alison Foster has combined her education in Chemistry with her love of plants to engage in some exciting projects at the University of Oxford Botanic Gardens. This Catalyst article gives a profile of her career choices, and introduces a public engagement activity called Chemistry in the Garden.

Alison began...

What is Science Communication?

This Catalyst article explores where Science Communication came from, how it has grown and why it has an important role to play in helping people to learn about science.

On one level Science Communication is about communicating science and building bridges between the people involved in scientific research...

Working in Science Communication

In this Catalyst article, six people whose work can be described as ‘communicating science’ reveal the great variety of career paths in this area.

  • Alex Tate is a Producer/Director for Windfall Films. He produces and directs science and natural history documentaries.
  • Dr Sai Pathmanathan is a...


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