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Fireworks: an Explosive Business

This Catalyst article looks at fireworks and their history, how they are made and set off, and what gives them their colours and effects. The basic chemistry used in fireworks is looked at and how they work once the fuse is ignited.

This article is from Catalyst: GCSE Science Review 2002, Volume 13, Issue 2...

STEM learning secondary and FE magazine: summer 2018

This issue of magazine includes the following articles:

  • Preparing BTEC students for university by Adrian Greenall
  • Future careers in magic by Dave Gibbs
  • What does a good science scheme of learning look like? by Mark Langley
  • Exploring our universe by Tom Lyons
  • Moving...


This article looks at how signals from the eyes are interpreted by the brain, unconscious perceptions, and what brain disorders can tell us about consciousness.

Catalyst is a science magazine for students aged 14-19 years. Find out more about ...

STEM learning secondary and FE magazine: spring 2018

This issue of the magazine includes the following articles:

  • Have your Pi and eat it too by Michael Anderson
  • Bananas are big business by Ed Walsh
  • The E in STEM by Gill Collinson and Gemma Taylor
  • Celebrating International Darwin Day by Simon Quinnell
  • Applying learning...

From flat-screen TVs to your smartphone

This article focuses on the practical uses of the element Boron, including its pivotal role in heat conservation, energy conversion and storage.

Catalyst is a science magazine for students aged 14-19 years. Find out more about Catalyst magazine: ...

Monitoring our dynamic planet from space

This article focuses on how monitoring the movement of tectonic by satellites is allowing scientists to monitor the build-up of stresses prior to earthquakes and eruptions, providing vital information that can help communities to prepare.

Catalyst is a science magazine for...

Using science to save manta rays

The articles explores the use of science in the conservation effort of manta rays. Many aspects of the lives of mantas remain a mystery, including their movements and areas which are important for feeding and breeding. After years of photographically tracking and tagging individuals, researchers are beginning to...

Bringing wastelands to life

This articles article looks at the work of astrobiologists, and how the study of extremophiles on Earth can help us to understand how we might colonise another planet in space exploration.   Even though Earth’s land masses have been colonised for a...

Arctic Survey: The Navigation Toolkit

This toolkit, from the Plus magazine's collaboration with Arctic Survey Education, explores the navigational aspects of the expedition, including questions surrounding cartography and Global Positioning (GPS) systems. The toolkit can be download as a whole or as individual components. The individual components are...

Digital teacher's notes (Catalyst edition 29)

These interactive notes build on the ideas covered in edition 29 of Catalyst. 

Catalyst is a science magazine for students aged 14-19 years. Find out more about Catalyst magazine:


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