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Designs on Space: the Lifecycle of a Satellite

A Catalyst article about designing, building and testing a spacecraft. There are thousands of man-made satellites orbiting the Earth. Some are only a few hundred kilometres above the Earth and complete one orbit roughly every 90 minutes. Geostationary satellites are located around 40 000 kilometres from the surface...

Balloons in Space

The Big Picture on pages 10-11 of this issue of Catalyst shows scientists in Antarctica launching a balloon which will travel up through the atmosphere to a height of 34 km above the Earth’s surface. This balloon is part of NASA’s BARREL mission, probing the radiation belts which surround the Earth.


Improving science teacher retention

Improving science teacher retention’ explores how access to CPD helps to keep more teachers in the classroom.

Quality assurance of teachers’ continuing professional development

Quality assurance of teachers’ continuing professional development’ looks at lessons from other quality assurance systems, and how they could be applied to teachers’ CPD in...

Developing great subject teaching

Developing great subject teaching’ finds that teachers are less likely to participate in subject-specific CPD than generic pedagogic CPD, even...

Protrump cards

Our Protump cards are useful for learning about and comparing different proteins

Population problems, ethics and questions

Why are ethics important? Test your understanding and then explore three case studies.

Complex networks

Competition, cooperation, conservation and communication in networks and ecosystems.

Model organisms for genetics research

Learn how some organisms have become vital to research, understand the reasons and discuss the ethical considerations.

Fat, nutrition and health

Fat is essential for a balanced diet – how do we process it, and what is the link with obesity?


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