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Episode 102: Current as a Flow of Charge

From the Institute of Physics, these activities allow students to understand the idea of electric charge and its relationship to a flow of current.

There are a range of activities and these include:
• using an analogy to represent the movement of charge
• defining current and the coulomb...

Episode 103: Currents and Charge Carriers

From the Institute of Physics, these activities present a range of examples involving different types of charge carrier and links the measured current to rates of flow of charge.

The activities consist of a series of demonstrations which could be set up before the lesson. These include:
• considering...

Episode 104: Drift Velocity

From the Institute of Physics, this learning episode shows that charge carriers in good conductors usually move very slowly. It illustrates the derivation and use of the equation I = nAvq.

A range of activities include:
• viewing the movement of permanganate ions in an electric field

Episode 106: Electrical Power

From the Institute of Physics, in this learning episode, students calculate electrical power and through discussion, review their understanding of:
• current
• potential difference
• electromotive force (emf)
• charge
• drift velocity

Students are reminded of the idea that power...

Episode 108: Resistance

From the Institute of Physics, this learning episode provides a quantitative definition for resistance (R = V / I) which reinforces the qualitative notion that more resistance means less current. It looks at Ohm’s law, describing that this is not the same thing as the definition of resistance.


Episode 115: Energy and Power

In these activities, from the Institute of Physics, the concept of electrical power is explored. Students find that the energy transferred by an electrical component depends on the potential difference, current and the time for which it operates.

The activities include:
• demonstrating energy use with a...

Episode 120: Energy Transfer in Electric Circuits

Produced by the Institute of Physics, this learning episode can be used to revises the idea of electromotive force (emf), introduce internal resistance and the consequent energy losses.

The activities include:
• revising ideas about energy in circuits to check and reinforce students’ basic ideas about...

Episode 123: Alternating Current

Produced by the Institute of Physics, this learning episode helps students to distinguish alternating from direct currents before revising why alternating current (ac) is so important.

The range of activities include:
• demonstrating the output of a generator
• measuring alternating current with a...

Episode 125: Introducing Capacitors

In this learning episode from the Institute of Physics, students are introduced to capacitors. Through practical investigations, students look at their charge and discharge process.

The activities include:
• demonstration of a 'super capacitor' using large sheets of aluminium foil and polythene

Episode 128: Energy Stored by a Capacitor

Produced by the Institute of Physics, this learning episode looks at the energy stored in a capacitor. Students undertake a practical investigation to look at the energy stored and how this varies with potential difference and capacitance.

The activities include:
• energy transfer - using a capacitor...


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