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Episode 530: X- ray Diffraction

This learning episode, from the Institute of Physics, uses laser light to demonstrate the phenomenon of diffraction and then applies this understanding to x-rays, Bragg's law and crystallography.

The activities in this episode look at:
• students’ knowledge of X-rays
• diffraction and the limits...

Case Study: Plumbing

Produced for Future Morph, this resource contains a video in which an apprentice plumber talks about his work in a renewable energy company installing solar water panels. The theory and practicals he learns in college is applied in the workplace.

A second activity looks at a demonstration that illustrates...

Case Study: Service Engineering

Produced for Future Morph, this video sees an apprentice in service engineering talk about his work. Service engineers are mechanical engineers who work on equipment such as engines and gearboxes. The student describes how his attendance at college fits with his job in an engineering business and allows him to...

Condensation Polymerisation

Produced by Solar Spark, this activity allows students to see a condensation polymerisation reaction in action as the polyamide polymer, Nylon, is produced. This is a condensation polymer made of two parent monomers, a di-amine and a di-acid chloride.

The reaction can be used to illustrate:

Episode 509: Radioactive Background and Detectors

From the Institute of Physics, this learning episode introduces the ubiquitous nature of radioactivity and considers its detection. It draws on students’ previous knowledge, and emphasizes the importance of technical terminology.

The activities include:
• demonstrating the detection of background...

Episode 510: Properties of Radiations

In this learning episode from the Institute of Physics, the properties of ionizing radiation are introduced through a consideration of safety.

Students consider the ionising property of different radiations in relation to how this makes them dangerous to living things. They see that radiation with...

Episode 601: Brownian Motion and Ideal Gases

From the Institute of Physics, these demonstrations, computer model and associated discussions help students to look at Brownian motion as evidence for the particulate nature of matter, and the macroscopic gas laws.

The learning episode looks at:
* Brownian motion and what it tells us about gases...

Episode 605: The First Law of Thermodynamics

Produced by the Institute of Physics, this learning episode includes discussions, demonstrations and questions which introduce students to thermodynamics. These include compressing and expanding gases, adiabatic and isothermal changes.

The activities look at:
* the first law of thermodynamics and energy...

Episode 105: Sources of Electrical Energy

This activity from the Institute of Physics discusses energy transfer in electric circuits and links this, by analogy, to other more familiar examples.

The activities include:
• demonstrations of human and lemon-powered batteries to illustrate that that there is nothing special about the chemical...

A Visible Activated Complex

In this classic demonstration, from the Royal Society of Chemistry, cobalt (II) chloride catalyses the reaction between hydrogen peroxide and potassium sodium tartrate. During the reaction the catalyst changes colour, showing that it is involved in the reaction.

The resource provides a list of apparatus and...


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