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Episode 100: Preparation for Electric Current Topic *suitable for home teaching*

From the Institute of Physics, this topic looks at basic electrical ideas, particularly current, potential difference and energy. The topic is split into teaching episodes. These are self-contained activities of varying time periods. The topics in this section include:

Episode 101:...

Episode 225: Quantitative Circular Motion *suitable for home teaching*

This learning episode from the Institute of Physics, uses worked examples and discussion to help students gain an understanding of circular motion, including linear velocity, angular velocity and angular acceleration. The activities include: * discussing linear and angular velocity * calculating angular velocity *...

Chemistry Experiments

Chemistry Experiments contains a varied collection of labcards and worksheets from which teachers can choose in order to build up a programme of chemistry practical work for use in the school laboratory. The labcards include labelled diagrams and questions which are designed to help guide students through the...


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