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Personal best

This case study describes how Steph Forrester became a senior lecturer in sports technology. Her research aims to support the development of better sports equipment for the user. ‘Better’ can mean helping an athlete achieve their personal best, providing greater comfort or allowing them to perform with greater...

Head in the clouds

This case study describes David Topping’s career path in environmental research, investigating how tiny atmospheric particles influence our climate and air quality. Some research can take place almost entirely in a laboratory, whilst other studies look at complicated interactions that are vast in scale or that take...

Lasers empowering lives

This case study describes Dr Ceri Brenner’s research at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratories into high power laser-plasma interactions, with a particular interest in laser-driven particle acceleration. Ceri explains why she enjoys her job, what qualifications she needed, what motivates her and what skills she has...

Polar Careers- AUV Operations Mechanical Engineer

Ella is an expert in the mechanical design and operation of the NOC's Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV's) She ensures new technology designed integrates on the AUV's and operates the AUV whilst at sea.

Ella read Mechanical Engineering at Cambridge, graduating with both Bachelors and Master's degrees. She...

Polar Careers- Marine Autonomous Systems Developer

Catherine holds a PhD in Robotics and a BSc Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. She studied A-levels in Physics, Maths, and Computing with an AS-level in Electronics.

During her time at university she completed two placements at the NOC and designed the software system for a...

Cartesian components of vectors

This resource from Mathcentre explores vectors in two and three-dimensions, how to calculate the length of a position vector and the angle between a position vector and an x axis. After reading through the text and completed the exercise questions, students should be able to: 

  • coordinate unit vectors...

Beginning teaching: best in class? High-quality initial teacher education for all teachers of mathematics in England

In this report, ACME considers the quality of initial teacher education and gives advice on how to ensure that trainees leave Initial Teacher Education (ITE) effectively equipped to begin their teaching careers in mathematics classrooms throughout England.

The report seeks to address a number of key...

Arctic Survey: The Navigation Toolkit

This toolkit, from the Plus magazine's collaboration with Arctic Survey Education, explores the navigational aspects of the expedition, including questions surrounding cartography and Global Positioning (GPS) systems. The toolkit can be download as a whole or as individual components. The individual components are...

Human heart structure

Labelled diagram showing the structure of the heart.

DNA replication and the cell cycle

A poster or handout showing semi-conservative DNA replication, the cell cycle and the stages of mitosis.


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