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Medicine, Ethics and Me

Produced by the new economics foundation (nef), this resource contains activities that help students to discuss and understand issues around medical ethics. The materials contain teacher guidance, student information and a range of activities that promote discussion and debate.

Medicine, Ethics and Me is a...

Drugs on the Brain

Produced by the Citizen Science project, this resource engages students in debating the social, political and health issues surrounding the use of drugs.

In this activity, debate commences by introducing characters, scenarios and issues connected with drugs. Students are given opportunities to hot seat as...

Case Study: Buying Medicines Online

In this resource students apply ethical values to a hypothetical situation. A range of medicines are available to order on the internet, either with or without a prescription. The resource begins by summarising relevant legislation and looking at what medicines are often bought online. Students are then given a...

Case Study: Genetic Profiling

In this resource students look at the ethical issues surrounding the ability of people to pay for a DNA analysis service to find out their personal susceptibility to certain diseases and conditions. The resource gives information about genetic conditions which can be profiled in this way. It then gives a scenario...

The Ethics of Personalised Healthcare

In this resource students consider the ethical values of personalised healthcare. The Council reported that there are five widely acknowledged ethical values are identified that should be taken into consideration when weighing up the potential harms and benefits of developments in personalised healthcare:


Case Study: Health Information Websites

In this resource students look at the ethical issues surrounding the use of the internet by people to find and share health information, advice and diagnosis. The resource looks at the possible benefits and harm that could be caused by inaccurate information or access to personal information by strangers on...

Picking the Team

This resource, from the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) At Work With Science series, includes two activities to help students with job applications and understanding what employers need from their employees. The tasks encourage students to examine curriculum vitae, assess their...

BP in Business Case Studies

This case study from BP Educational Service offers students aged 14-19 an insight into how a global business works. The study explores how BP's marketing team decides on place of sale, price and promotion for a product.

This resource is also suitable for Business Studies students.

Wider Implications of Shopping

Produced by the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) this activity aims to encourage students to consider the wider environmental, social and economic implications of shopping. It can be conducted in small groups as an introduction to sustainability.

Manipulating Surds N11

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit students identify equivalent surds and develop their ability to simplify expressions involving surds. Students should understand what a square root is and be able to remove brackets correctly. (GCSE grades A-D; AS and A2 level)


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