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Physics AS Level - Homework Resource

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MarkIt is a startup that believes in helping students with their mistakes. It was originally started for A-level maths and has successfully worked with over 2,000 students and over 40 schools. We are branching into A-level physics as we believe this is a subject that needs to be made more...

Controlled Assessments and Sustainability Issues

From Practical Action, this resource is intended to help students to think about how they can include sustainability throughout their tasks, from specifications, through to evaluation by using an eco-design tool.

GNVQ Science Advanced Assignments

The Nuffield Science in Practice Advanced Assignments file one offered comprehensive coverage of the mandatory units through a series of challenging set of 30 vocational assignments, most of which were developed for the project in the centres which piloted the qualification.

Framework for...

GNVQ Science Advanced Assignments 2

The Nuffield Science in Practice Advanced Assignments file two included study guides made up of short tasks covering the full range of each unit together with 24 additional assignments intended to complement those published in the first file.

Since many of the assignments in file one were elaborate and...

A Level Performance Descriptors: Chemistry 1999

Produced in 1999, these performance descriptors for chemistry at AS and A2 levels were written to indicate the level of attainment characteristic of grades A/B and E/U boundary candidates across a series of assessment objectives. It was intended that they should be interpreted in relation to the content outlined in...

Planning, Teaching and Assessing the Curriculum for Pupils with Learning Difficulties - Science

Produced by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority in 2009, this guidance supports the planning, development and implementation of the curriculum for pupils with learning difficulties. It draws on effective practice across a range of schools and can be used in mainstream and special primary and secondary...

Standards Over Time in the Sciences - GCSE and A levels 1995 - 2007

This resource is a compilation of reports by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and Ofqual reviewing standards over time in science subjects at GCSE and A levels.

Annually the publication of GCSE and A level examination results prompts public interest...

Standards Over Time in Mathematics 2001, 2006, 2009

Annually the publication of GCSE and A level examination results prompts public interest in the standards of those examinations. In 1996, Lord Dearing in his Review of Qualifications for 16–19 Year Olds made several recommendations to ensure that "there is a basis and accepted procedure ... for monitoring and...

International Comparisons in Senior Secondary Assessment (Progress Report) 2011

Produced in 2011, this report describes the context and parameters of Ofqual’s research into the assessments taken by learners at senior secondary level in a number of key comparator jurisdictions and outlines the progress made up to February 2011.

The purpose of this research is to make comparative...

A-Level Criteria Science Subjects 2006

This set of subject criteria were produced by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority in 2006 for Awarding Bodies to produce AS and A level science subject specifications, in biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, geology, electronics and environmental science.

AS and A level subject criteria are...


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