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NEW WEBSITE for A-level chemistry study&revision!

Hi all,

My friend and I have created this website: ​for revision and general studying of A-level Chemistry! Primarily made for students studying AQA and OCR but the resources should be helpful to other who are studying...

Science Debate Kits

Find resources and download free Debate Kits:

These Science Debate Kits give teachers everything they needed to run a debate on a set topic and help their students develop their evaluation skills. The activities provide a structured way to start...

Science on the Web

Science on the Web is a comprehensive guide to the best science websites, interactive games, videos and resources on the internet. It is linked to both the National Curriculum and Curriculum for Excellence through detailed curricular maps.

It is a downloadable pdf designed to be saved to and accessed from...

Medicine Makers

A hands-on practical activity that illustrates drug-target interactions and  looks at the actions of some common painkillers.

Created by the Biochemical Society and the British Pharmacological Society. Download the resource booklet here.

Go with the Flow CD-ROM

This multimedia package was developed by the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme to help students understand the interesting and unusual properties of a range of fluids, semi-solids and solids. Published originally as a CD-ROM, the materials contain a collection of videos, animations and worksheets that are...

Interactive Periodic Table

Produced by ABPI this interactive game allows students to explore trends in the properties and behaviour of different elements, and develop their understanding of the patterns of the Periodic Table.

Laboratory Tours: Safety at Work

This resource was produced by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) as part of their 'At Work With Science' materials. In this interactive resource, students are introduced to the legal aspects of the Health and Safety regulations; the concept of risk assessments and how to develop them....

Biorenewables Podcasts

From the National Non-Food Crops Centre (NNFCC), these two podcasts explore a range of applications and issues in the biorenewables sector. They are primarily aimed at a commercial audience but may be of use to teachers who want to gain a better understanding of plant-derived materials or, when used in part, as...

Materials Podcasts

Produced by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), these naked Scientist podcasts look at materials science questions in an accessible and informative way.

When will 'indestructible' plastics finally degrade?
Nothing lasts forever, so how long does it take...

Renewable Energy and Climate Change Podcasts

Produced by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), these naked Scientist podcasts look at renewable energy and climate change in an accessible and informative way.

The science of rubbish
This podcast looks at the life cycle of rubbish, how to...


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