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AQA FP1 Matrices Transformations

An MEI interactive demonstration of matrix transformations, which shows how a quadrilateral can be enlarged, reflected, translated, stretched or sheared and the corresponding matrix and image is displayed.


From the ABPI this interactive resource provides students with information on the cause, symptoms and treatment of diabetes. The resource is offered at two levels, for students aged 14-16 and an advanced version for post-16 students.

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Skin Structure and Function

This ABPI resource introduces skin structure and function, including temperature control and the role of the hypothalamus. Students can learn about common skin infections, such as athlete's foot, and skin cancer.

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Complex Numbers: 10 Questions

MEI provides this interactive resource for complex numbers.

Random questions are generated for calculations using complex numbers and correct answers are provided where necessary. Students aim to answer ten questions...

The Physics of Tennis

These four lessons focus on the role of physics in the game of tennis. The resource is most appropriate for students aged 14 to16 and post-16 physics students and include lessons on: D-T / V-T graphs, Energy transfer, Vibrations, and Balancing forces.

  • In D-T and V-T graphs, students learn how to...

Transformation of Functions

This interactive resource, produced by the University of Leicester, is designed to enable students to explore transformations of functions including translations, stretches, reflection in the axes and rotations.

The first activity uses function notation to explore translations parallel to the x axis and...

Algebraic Long Division

This interactive file shows how cubic polynomials can be divided by linear factors. The first four interactive sheets generate cubic expressions and the steps in the algebraic long division method can be gradually revealed. The constant term in the cubic can be altered...


This Excel file has a series of sheets which illustrate the link between the equation of a circle and the corresponding graph. It goes on to deal with the intersection of a circle with a straight line.

The first...


Composite Functions
The first five sheets all have a similar format. A number is operated on by...

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

This file has five sheets. The first shows how the value for e is derived from the binomial series for (1+x)...


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