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This simulation explores the factors which determine the concentration of a solution. It illustrates the relationships between moles, litres and molarity by adjusting the amount of solute and solution volume.

The moles of solute and the volume of solution (water) can be changed using sliders to make...

Molecules and Light

This simulation can be used to explore how light interacts with molecules in our atmosphere.

Sample learning objectives include:

*Explore how light interacts with molecules in our atmosphere

*Identify that absorption of light depends on the molecule and the type of light

*Relate the...

Molecule Shapes Basics

This simulation allows students to explore molecule shapes by building molecules in 3D and seeing how the molecule's shape changes as atoms are added.

It can be used to demonstrate that:

*The molecule shape is due to repulsions between atoms.

*The bonds are not fixed in place, but can rotate...

Build or buy?

This series of Core Maths activities involves mortgage finance, interest rates, income tax, national insurance, scheduling, Gantt diagrams and estimation. The tasks can form a large project or be used as stand-alone lessons.

Build or Buy: Teacher Guidance
The teacher guidance package...

Borrowing money

In this Core Maths resource students are asked to evaluate the offers and figures from three banks in order to decide which one is best for their company to borrow from. The resource involves students calculating the interest incurred using an Excel spreadsheet.

Borrowing money: Lesson Plan...

Finance project

This Core Maths resource package involves students completing a financially-themed project. Students are given the task of promoting, manufacturing and delivering a new mobile phone for the best possible price. Students complete annual reports on monthly income and expenditure, explore interest rates, exchange...

Online ecology one - measuring abundance and random sampling on a footpath

This online ecology practical, from SAPS, uses random sampling to measure the abundance of various different species on an area of grassland.


To give students practice at

  • using random sampling to measure the abundance of various different species on an area of...

Online ecology two - the distribution of species across a field

This online ecology practical, by SAPS, is designed to give students an opportunity to see how systematic sampling can be used to

  • investigate changes in species richness across a footpath
  • the distribution of species across a footpath

These online exercises are not intended as a...

Online ecology three - abundance and random sampling at Waun Las nature reserve

In this resource from SAPS, students learn about random sampling, diversity and different measures of abundance, before looking at close-up photographs of quadrats and using the field guide to identify them. The resources are intended to help students develop skills and plant identification techniques before going...

Go with the Flow CD-ROM

This multimedia package was developed by the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme to help students understand the interesting and unusual properties of a range of fluids, semi-solids and solids. Published originally as a CD-ROM, the materials contain a collection of...


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