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Reciprocal Function

This interactive file shows the graphs of functions and the graph of the corresponding reciprocal function. It begins with the graph of a linear function where the gradient and intercept can be changed. The reciprocal is plotted on the same diagram. The next two sheets show graphs of quadratic and cubic functions...

SIGMA Notation (Linear)

This file illustrates the use of the Sigma notation particularly with linear expressions. It begins with a static sheet showing four examples including some non-linear examples suitable for class discussion.

The second sheet derives the formula for the sum of the first n natural numbers using the formula for...

Simultaneous Equations (Non-Linear)

This file provides practice at solving pairs of simultaneous equations where at least one is not linear. The pairs of graphs and the coordinates of the points of intersection can be revealed.

The first sheet deals with the intersection of a straight line with y=x2 where all the...

Straight Lines

Straight Lines

This interactive file deals with the equation of a straight line, mainly in the form ax+by+c=0.
In the first sheet gradients can be integers or simple fractions and both the gradient and intercept can be altered. Graphs are shown and students...


This file deals with simplifying, squaring, adding and subtracting numbers expressed in surd form. It also includes rationalising the denominator.

The file begins with a table showing the squares and square roots of integers between one and twelve. The next sheet gives examples of finding square factors when...

Transformation of Functions

This interactive excel program allows students to explore the relationship between the transformation of functions and the associated graphs. Functions explored are straight lines, quadratic and cubic functions as well as sine and cosine curves. Each type of function can be fully transformed in stages. The...

Travel Graphs

This interactive excel program covers distance/time and velocity/time graphs.

The first interactive sheet shows a distance/time graph made of line segments and some questions relating to speed for each segment and the time when velocity is zero.

The second sheet shows the journeys of two people.



This excel file plots both quadratic and cubic functions along with the graphs of their first and second differential equations.

By specifying the values of the coefficients of either the quadratic or cubic function students can see the effect this has on the graphs of the function, first differential and...


This excel program contains a series of interactive spreadsheets designed to explore the concept of a gradient of a curve.

The first activity illustrates that the gradient of a function, at a point P, is the gradient of a chord PQ as the length of PQ tends to zero. The equation of the quadratic can be...


This series of excel sheets look at the area of regions bounded by linear and quadratic graphs.

The first interactive sheet calculates the area under the line y = mx + c between limits A and B. The effect on the area of adjusting the value of the gradient, y-intercept and upper and lower limits can then be...


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