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Straight Lines

Straight Lines

This interactive file deals with...


This file deals with simplifying, squaring, adding and subtracting numbers expressed in surd form. It also includes rationalising the denominator.

The file begins with a table showing the squares and square roots of...


This excel file plots both quadratic and cubic functions along with the graphs of their first and second differential equations.

By specifying the values of the coefficients of either the quadratic or cubic function...


This excel program contains a series of interactive spreadsheets designed to explore the concept of a gradient of a curve.

The first activity illustrates that the gradient of a function, at a point P, is the gradient...


This series of excel sheets look at the area of regions bounded by linear and quadratic graphs.

The first interactive sheet calculates the area under the line y = mx + c between limits A and B. The effect on the area...

Maximum and Minimum

This series of excel sheets look at the turning points of quadratic and cubic functions. New examples can be generated on each sheet every time the resource is used.

The first interactive sheet shows the gradient at...

PI-Calculating Its Value

This excel resource looks at various methods of evaluating pi, including Vièta’s formula and using the trapezium rule.

The first series of sheets include an introduction to François Vièta, his infinite product for...

Tangents and Normals

This excel file explores the relationship between tangents and normals.

In the first interactive sheet the user can alter the coefficients of a quadratic function and see how this affects the graph and equation of...


This series of interactive excel sheets investigate models involving collisions.

The first sheet simulates two particles colliding. Initial velocity, mass and resulting velocity of the two particles can be set, or a...

Inclined Plane

This series of interactive excel sheets investigate models involving an inclined plane.

The first sheet helps students to investigate the conditions for movement of an object on a horizontal plane.



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