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Test solutions team leader

Rob describes how his enjoyment of maths and design at school and his family background led him to pursue a career in engineering. Rob leads a team of software and hardware engineers who develop test solutions to test the equipment designed at Rob’s company. What Rob enjoys most at his work is the electronics...

Technical apprentice

Thomas’ inspiration from engineering goes back to his fascination with Lego as a young boy and then later in life to his interest in sciences. He decided to become a technical apprentice, as it allows him to sample a wide range of roles within the engineering industry. According to Thomas, application of...

Building services engineer

This video features Chani Leahong who is a building services engineer. Chani’s interest in the environment, maths, science, art, and design led her to take up engineering as a career. As a building services engineer, Chani is involved in the initial planning stages of a new building and looks at the new building...

Structural engineer

A video diary of Jonny, a structural engineer, who describes his usual working day and the project he currently works on. Jonny briefly presents the software he uses to design a building and how it helps him with the designing process. He then goes on to talk about building a high rise office tower in central...

Structural engineer-Katy

A video diary of Katy, a structural engineer. Katy describes her usual working day, shows her desk at her office and the building she currently works on.

Mechanical engineer

A video diary of Richard, a mechanical engineer. Richard explains what mechanical engineering is and how mechanical engineers ensure that buildings are comfortable to live and work in. He then goes on to explain how the cooling, heating and gas supply systems work in an office building.

Presentation on Career Trajectory of Electrical Engineer through IT

This presentation was made to students at Brunel University. It gives an interesting perspective on what to do during studies, after graduation and in the long term to develop a career in STEM.

It includes a timeline which indicates some of the interesting electronic technology used by a typical engineer:...

Science Debate Kits

Find resources and download free Debate Kits:

These Science Debate Kits give teachers everything they needed to run a debate on a set topic and help their students develop their evaluation skills. The activities provide a structured way to start...

Satellite Telemetry Interpretation

As part of the FUNcube STEM satellite outreach programme we have developer a student and teachers pack showing how to interpret rea data from graphs.

These can be found at:

The Fire Piston


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