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Episode 101: Introduction to Circuits

These activities, from the Institute of Physics, look at electrical circuits. They provide a review of previous knowledge and introduce the language needed to cope with the greater depth of learning at post-16 level. Activities include: • a discussion about electrical circuits to reinforce knowledge and highlight...

A teachers guide to disruptive technologies

This guide to disruptive technologies provides ideas and rationale for why disruptive technologies should be taught as part of the Design and Technology secondary and post-16 curriculum. It provides examples of disruptive technologies, discusses how they might be introduced in a classroom setting and supports in...

Electronics Shelves

This resource from Boxford describes the development of a shelf stand used to store electronics parts boxes and wires. Exemplar CAD files are presented to aid manufacture of the product using CNC machines and pictures of the finished product are shown.


This resource from Boxford describes the design and manufacture of a novel instrument. It includes CAD files for all of the parts required, images of CAD models of the circuit and the component parts, and pictures and video of the finished product. The process of designing the instrument is described in detail....

JambleD&T Vinyl Amplifier SoW

This Product Design project is based on the work of London designer, Paul Cocksedge. Pupils manufacture a stretched Vinyl record, a stand, brand logo and a carry case. The project has been developed further using electronics using the stretched record as a cone surrounding a bluetooth speaker and using LED lighting...

Plan your own scheme of work - Jamble

2 different versions of editable schemes of work, supporting the quick planning of lessons.

Life in a Can

A cross-curricular resource for primary and lower secondary schools that investigates life and how it can be maintained in the harsh atmosphere of space.

The engineers and scientists who built the International Space Station are faced with huge challenges - everything needed to keep astronauts alive must be...

Understanding electronic principles

These electronics resources from Kitronik help students to:

  • Understand simple electronic components
  • Identify circuit symbols
  • Calculate resistance values
  • Calculate capacitor values
  • Understand how a potential divider works
  • Understand components such as...

Satellite Telemetry Interpretation

As part of the FUNcube STEM satellite outreach programme we have developer a student and teachers pack showing how to interpret rea data from graphs.

These can be found at:

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Produced for Future Morph, this resource includes a video in which a student talks about his course in electrical and electronic engineering. He describes how one project was to make and test a circuit that included a light-sensitive resistor. A second activity describes a class experiment...


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