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Strings and Arithmetic Operations

This guide, for more advanced users of LINUX, shows how BASH scripts can be used for operations on strings and for arithmetical operations. The syntax for BASH is clearly explained.

BASH Basics

This introductory guide explains how to use the LINUX shell known as BASH (Bourne Again Shell). BASH is useful for linking together various programs for creating innovative solutions, and can unleash the power of a Raspberry Pi.

The guide covers running BASH, the syntax used, how to chain together commands,...

Embedding Text and Programs

This intermediate-level guide shows how BASH scripts can be used to handle files and to integrate other programming languages such as Perl. String manipulation features heavily in the exercises. A challenge is set to use a Python program along with a shell script.

The Python Pit

This introductory article shows working examples of basic Python programs. It includes:

• Printing to the screen
• Comments
• Simple arithmetic
• Using variables
• Strings and string arrays
• For and While loops
• Random numbers from the Random library
• Creating a...


This article includes all the code needed to make a simple game which captures keyboard events and uses multimedia. It uses the Pygame library, and includes graphics control and basic collision detection.

The activity is suitable as an introduction to programming with Python, or as a fully working program...

Surfaces in Pygame

This activity follows on from a previous graphics surface project. Previously a single graphics surface was created - this Python program uses multiple surfaces to build more complex graphics and to create effective animations.

Students are encouraged to experiment with the behaviour of the program, and to...

Event Driven Programming

This resource introduces programming techniques including Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and Event-Driven Programming (EDP).

The article consists of the full code for a working computer game. it could be used as a basis for adapting code for other purposes, or as a tool to aid understanding of code...

Web.Py Framework

This activity demonstrates how a Raspberry Pi running Python can interact with other devices in the browser. Using the framework, web forms can be served to mobile phones, tablets etc, and accept input which is fed into the Python script. The project helps students to see how web servers work, and how...

The Scratch Patch

This introduction to programming in Scratch uses a trivial example to demonstrate simple audio and animation. It is written for Scratch 1.4 but can be easily adapted for later versions. ...

The Scratch patch - making a simple game

This practical guide to creating a simple game is aimed at those new to programming with Scratch...


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