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STEM Learning Magazine: Post-16 and FE - Spring 2016

Under the banner of Building a successful network, Dr Katherine Forsey and Sue Churm consider how to create a technical network and how to get the most from it, Jenny Phillips explores the challenges FE practitioners face and Ed Walsh explains what the teacher recognition scheme...

A Parents’ Guide to Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

This guide suggests ways in which to maximise children’s interest in the STEM subjects in order to improve their chances of obtaining STEM qualifications which could lead to a STEM-related career.

The guide explains what STEM is, and why is it important. As well as highlighting the advantages of a STEM...

Anthropometric data

In this Core Maths task, based on a resource developed by the Nuffield Foundation, students are given a large dataset of children’s and young adults’ anthropometric data to use to investigate whether particular sets of data are related. The students are asked to present their findings in the form of a report/...


This Core Maths activity explores exchange rates and international commerce. Students are asked to compare five different countries’ manufacturing costs and decide which option would be the cheapest.

Import/Export: Lesson plan
This lesson plan includes suggested scaffolding and...

Finance project

This Core Maths resource package involves students completing a financially-themed project. Students are given the task of promoting, manufacturing and delivering a new mobile phone for the best possible price. Students complete annual reports on monthly income and expenditure, explore interest rates, exchange...


In this Core Maths activity students are drafted into a company’s marketing department for a day. Students have to make assumptions in order to decide how to budget £100,000 across the three forms of advertising available to them (TV, radio and billboards).

Marketing: Teacher Guidance

Selling figures and annual report

This Core Maths activity gives students selling figures and asks them to calculate VAT, gross and net outcomes, calculate monthly balances and graph their results.

Selling figures: Teacher Guide
This teacher guidance includes suggested warm-ups, a description of each of the activities...

Champion of the world

In this Core Maths activity students are invited to play a game using non-transitive dice, and explore the probability behind them.

Champion of the world: Teacher guide
This teacher guidance gives an overview of the task including prior student knowledge, suggested approaches and...

Experiments with marbles

This Core Maths PowerPoint presentation contains five experiments involving marbles that explore a range of topics including listing outcomes, tree diagrams and the multiplicative and additive properties of probability.

Pinball wizard

This Core Maths PowerPoint presentation explores a game using a quincunx. Students are asked to consider possible prize structures for the games and are introduced to Pascal’s triangle.


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