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Brilliant barnacles

In this module students will study barnacle morphology, life histories and life styles as Darwin did. He based his classification and search for a common ancestor upon his studies. Recent work using genetic and molecular evidence and scanning electron microscopy shows how some of the key difficulties in drawing the...

STEM Careers Profiles to Inspire Your Students

Designed to raise awareness of a greater range of STEM careers for post-16 students, this resource consists of 25 PowerPoint slides, each with information about a different science career, ranging from toxicology to environmental conservation.


Natural or man-made chemicals?

This presentation is intended as a tool to help dispel the myth, “natural is good; man-made is bad”. It contains examples of useful chemicals as well as dangerous ones, highlights some
common misconceptions and provides an engaging context for discussion.

Powerful practicals toolkit

This toolkit has been produced to help STEM Ambassadors to plan and deliver practical activities for students. It includes guidance, links to useful websites and resources for teachers to use. The toolkit is for both new and experienced STEM Ambassadors and it answers questions they might have about using practical...

About Me

This activity is intended to get learners thinking about themselves; their abilities, strengths and preferences in preparation for a more in-depth look at recognising and developing skills and personal qualities.

Exploring Careers

This is an open ended career exploration activity where students are encouraged to see what they can learn from as wide a range of case studies as time permits within the session. 

Challenges at Work

This is an open ended career exploration activity around personal motivation, and not dissimilar to other activities in this set. However, by giving it a focus around challenges at work, students can be encouraged to understand that overcoming challenges is a core part of adult, life in the workplace and elsewhere...


This activity uses the Talking Jobs Randomiser which can be found on the Talking Jobs website. Its purpose is to help challenge young people’s assumptions about who does what in the world of work. The Randomiser uses content from the Original Talking Jobs Module with 40...

Transferable Skills

This activity is about helping young people understand that different forms of work often have a lot in common and call for very similar skills (and personal qualities). As such, many of the skills people acquire in a job are transferable to other forms of employment.

Personal Qualities and Skills - Level One

This is a paper-based activity to help young people explore and understand the difference between qualities and skills in general terms and in a reflective way about themselves now and into the future. 


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