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Professional Knowledge: Physics

Designed for science teachers wishing to advance their professional knowledge, this video from Teachers TV highlights some cutting edge physics projects within the UK.

This includes:

• Particle accelerators

• Lasers

• Containing plasma and harnessing fusion

• Space exploration...

Professional Knowledge: Chemistry

Designed for science teachers, this video from Teachers TV uncovers the latest chemistry research which could affect our lives in the near future. Chemist, Dr Andrea Sella, talks about how different aspects of chemistry will change the way we live on everything from nanotechnology to sustainable fuels.


Review of Vocational Education - the Wolf Report

This report, by Dr Alison Wolf and published in March 2011, was commissioned to investigate the state of vocational education for young people aged 14 to 19. It was found that many courses offered very little value, offering no route to further education or prospects for meaningful employment.


Inside STEM careers: research into plant pollinators

Produced by Science & Plants for Schools (SAPS), these materials look at the work of plant research scientist, Beverley Glover. Through activities based around plant adaptations, students gain a greater understanding of the career opportunities available in plant biology.

Beverley Glover is a lecturer...

Inside STEM careers: investigating antimicrobial properties

Produced by Science & Plants for Schools (SAPS), these materials look at the work of the plant biologist, Julian Ma. Through seeing how natural and genetically-modified plants can produce medicines, students gain a greater understanding of the career opportunities available in plant biology.

Julian is...

Alison Foster: a Chemist in the World of Plants

Alison Foster has combined her education in Chemistry with her love of plants to engage in some exciting projects at the University of Oxford Botanic Gardens. This Catalyst article gives a profile of her career choices, and introduces a public engagement activity called Chemistry in the Garden.

Alison began...

Technicians from Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

These videos from the Gatsby Foundation describe the work of pharmacy technicans in a hospital trust. Staff describe the training and support that trainee technicans are given, leading to professional qualifications. This hands-on and practical route to qualifying shows that there is an alternative to going...

Physics Lives

These videos from the Institute of Physics look at the innovations made by four physicists and their potential impact on society.

[b]Air apparent[/b] asks the question “What if you could see the pollution around you?”. Mark Richards has developed a way to measure pollution using ultra-violet light....

Technicians from Augusta Westland

Augusta Westland is a very large company in the aircraft industry employing people with a wide range of skills. In these videos, staff describe how vitally important technicans are to their business, why they employ apprentices and the appreciation of their work from all levels of staff. Training allows...

Technicians from the Science and Technology Facilities Council

In this video from the Gatsby Foundation, a variety of technicans working for branches of the Science and Technology Facilities Council STFC) describe how they came to be in their jobs, what they do and how much they enjoy their work.

Separate videos give an overview the specialised work that...


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