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Rollercoaster engineer

Rollercoasters are an adrenaline rush, but did you know that it's engineers putting the thrills and chills into your favourite rides, as well as making sure they're safe to use? Tomorrow's Engineers took a trip to Thorpe Park to meet Ainsley James who told them more.

Sound engineer

What is it like to work as a globe-trotting sound engineer to the world's biggest pop band? Tomorrow's Engineers had a chat with David Martell to find out.

National STEM Learning Network: regional programme - evaluation report 2015-2016

In 2015-16, the regional Network has been found to have sustained a strong upward trajectory in the amount of CPD that it is delivering, increasing its level of CPD delivery by 45% compared to 2014-15, and surpassing the levels of CPD delivery achieved in previous years.  

The Network has also forged new...

The female face of civil engineering

This booklet illustrates ten case studies of civil engineers describing their career paths and options within civil engineering.  The publication is aimed at school students to inspire and interest them in engineering careers and to emphasise the value of STEM subjects.  

STEM Learning magazine: secondary and post-16 - autumn 2016

This edition of the magazine focuses on the new approach to GCSE food preparation and nutrition as well as the changes to A-level mathematics and computing. Paul Browning, Senior Project Consultant, is decoding the world of MOOCs and presenting the benefits of...

Born to Engineer - Ben Ryan

This video tells the story of Sol and Ben Ryan. Sol had to have his arm amputated after he was born. When his father Ben saw the prosthetics that were available for small children, he knew that it wasn’t good enough for his son. 

Ben learned product design and engineering skills and with the support of the...

Secondary Case Studies

These three case studies look at aspects of the Rolls-Royce business and how it expands and develops its activities through acquisition plans, knowledge of it's place in a competitive world and partnerships with other organisations. The case studies were produced by the Times and was part of a series investigating...

Electrical Installation *suitable for home teaching*

Produced for Future Morph, these resources contain a video in which a student talks about her apprenticeship course in electrical installation at Exeter college. She describes the entry qualifications needed for her course, contrasts her experiences at college compared to school and briefly...

Climate Scientist *suitable for home teaching*

Elizabeth Kendon is a climate scientist at the Met Office, studying extreme weather patterns and the impact they have on Earth. This Department for Education video clip introduces her work and how she uses mathematical modelling to study climate change. She illustrates how skills in science, mathematics and...

Lighting Designer *suitable for home teaching*

Will Wagner is a lighting software designer. This Department for Education clip illustrates the major role that science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects play in the creative industries. Will designs the lighting for concerts, plays, films, pop videos and other entertainment events. He...


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