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This issue of Catalyst contains the following articles:

The Most Accurate Thermometer in the World

This article looks at how a highly accurate thermometer measures temperatures by finding the speed of sound in a gas.


This issue of Catalyst contains the following articles:

Catching a Comet

The Rosetta spacecraft is designed to catch up with, and explore, a comet.


Big Telescopes

A global family of giant telescopes - on the ground and in space - provides an inspirational context for STEM learning. This collection of resources linked in to astronomy cover the following topics within the curriculum: telescopes, the electromagnetic spectrum, infra-red, redshift and Doppler shift, image...

The magic of...

The magic of…is a collection of four resources, produced by Queen Mary College at the University of London, designed for teachers to use in the classroom with the intention of making learning engaging and entertaining. The four resources are all linked to the relevant curricula and provide inspiration when teaching...

The ‘Experimenting with Industry’ series was published in the mid-1980s when it presented industry-related science practicals for schools. It was developed as part of a 'teachers into industry' project organised by The Association for Science Education (ASE) on behalf of The Standing Conference on Schools' Science...

Mathematics meets technology

A resource book which looks at the design of mechanisms, for example gears and linkages, through the eyes of a mathematician. 

Engineer (magazine)

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The Engineer is a London-based monthly magazine covering the latest developments and business news in engineering and technology in the UK and internationally.

Latest issue: July...


Quarterly prestige magazine, from the Royal Academy of Engineering, aimed at opinion formers, to promote both Academy and engineering achievements. Ingenia's aim is to publish stimulating and informative articles across the whole range of engineering disciplines.


Latest issue:  June 2019


Autodesk fusion 360 basics tutorial

This book is written for students and engineers who are interested to learn Autodesk Fusion 360 for designing mechanical components and assemblies, and then create drawings.

Advanced mathematics for technical students: part one

 part one


This is the first part of a three-volume course in mathematics suitable for students of science and engineering who have reached the standard of a University Intermediate examination or an Ordinary National...


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