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You can do the cube

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This easy to follow guide has everything you need to know about the Rubik's cube. From simple step-by-step instructions showing how to complete it, to how the cube was invented, plus lots of...

Mastering Rubik's cube

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Explains how the puzzle works, suggests games to play and patterns to create, and tells how to reach the solution.

Pterodactyls and old lace: museums in education

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The aim of this report is to draw attention to the enormous potential of work in museums, to make known what can be done, and so to encourage...

Creating a STEM culture for teaching and learning


This is the book that will flip the way you think about STEM from not me to I m in! Author Jeff Weld is the director of the acclaimed Iowa Governor s STEM Advisory Council. He sees STEM as a...

Notes and problems in statistics

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This short, concise text is aimed at Business/Management students in Colleges of Further Education, Higher Education, Polytechnics, etc. The book is primarily...

Spatial ability: its educational and social significance

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This book contains a mass of evidence which suggests that spatial ability has been neglected in most educational systems, and especially in...

Parents and children: what do you know about your rights?

This is a book of stories with questions and answers to help define parents and children's rights in relation to education, the National Health Service and the law (archive)

What will improve a student's memory?

A cognitive scientist answers the question: I often have students tell me that they studied for a test, meaning that they reviewed their notes and the textbook, but they still did not do well. If they have reviewed the material, why don’t they remember it? Is there anything I can do to help them study more...

ENTHUSE partnership impact report 2017

ENTHUSE Partnership funding enables groups of four to eight schools and colleges to work together, with support from STEM Learning on a two-year intensive programme to raise aspiration and achievement in STEM subjects. Each Partnership can access up to £20,000 worth of support, including face-to-face CPD, in-school...

Goldmine: finding free and low-cost resources for teaching (1995-1996)


"Goldmine" offers information on low-cost, good quality material for use in the classroom. It describes the resources by topic and tells where they can be obtained. Altogether, over 5000...


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