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Olympic Alloys

This Catalyst article looks at metals and alloys which play an important role in construction at the Olympic site, both in sports equipment and in medals. Designers must consider the properties of the materials used to make both sports equipment and buildings. These include strength, density, toughness, ductility...

BP in Business Case Studies

This case study from BP Educational Service offers students aged 14-19 an insight into how a global business works. The study explores how BP's marketing team decides on place of sale, price and promotion for a product.

This resource is also suitable for Business Studies students.

Wider Implications of Shopping

Produced by the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) this activity aims to encourage students to consider the wider environmental, social and economic implications of shopping. It can be conducted in small groups as an introduction to sustainability.

JIVE Posters

Produced by JIVE (Joint Interventions), this set of information posters are for employers to illustrate how organisations can support and inspire women to enter and progress in Science, Engineering Technology and the Built Environment.


A Catalyst article about Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the World Wide Web. The article looks at the difference between the internet and the web and what is required to create a web that links computer users from around the world.

This article is from Catalyst: GCSE Science Review 2006, Volume 17, Issue 1...

It's a Material World

A Catalyst article about working in materials science and engineering, the process of deciding which material is best for each application. The structure of materials, processing them and working in jobs and careers with them are explained.

This article is from Catalyst: GCSE Science Review 2007, Volume 17,...


A Catalyst article about why human beings need salt (sodium chloride) in their diets to survive, but too much can be toxic. Where does salt come from, and what is it used for? This article looks at salt extraction and mining in England, the domestic and industrial uses of salt as well as its molecular structure....

Damian Murphy: Music Technologist

A Catalyst article about the work of Damian Murphy a music technologist. Acoustics and sound are examined in addition to the physical modelling and acoustics of buildings and environments, both real and virtual.

This article is from Catalyst: GCSE Science Review 2007, Volume 17, Issue 3.


Plastics Forever?

A Catalyst article discussing how polymers affect every day of people’s lives. With diverse characteristics and applications their usefulness can only be limited by human imagination. Due to polymers’ widespread and varied use a responsible and systematic recycling programme is both economically and environmentally...

Fantastic Plastic

This Catalyst article looks at the use of polymers in the manufacture of household items. The exciting thing about polymers is that it is possible to make polymers behave in so many different ways by organising their long chain molecules in different ways – polymers are the ultimate designer material. The article...


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