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Mathematics meets technology

A resource book which looks at the design of mechanisms, for example gears and linkages, through the eyes of a mathematician. 

Language of pattern

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Inspired by Islamic decorative patterns, the authors of this book (who are all designers) explore pattern step by step, beginning with simple...

Stellated polyhedra

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From the 59 different stellations of the icosahedron, the sixth and final are presented here as cut-out models to glue together. Each of the...

Compound polyhedra

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A kit book containing two large models to cut out and glue together: the compound of five cubes and the compound of ten tetrahedra.

Order in space: a design source book

 a design source book


Offering imaginative insight into the area where mathematics and the arts meet, this book may be used as a practical tool by the architect, designer or scientist who has to deal with such problems...

Patterns in space

This is a book about modelling, but all the models derive from the basic shapes of sphere, cone, crystal, plate, strip, rod and spiral. The book is intended for those who enjoy using their hands creatively. It will be particularly valuable to non-specialist teachers who want introduce modern creative work into art...


This book offers some simple ways of drawing curves and studying their properties. It also looks at what happens when changes are made to the construction rules.


Puzzles with paper and cardboard

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For the enthusiastic hobbyist Puzzles with Paper and Cardboard present a varied and stimulating selection of puzzles, games and gifts to make. From Stars and a...

Hidden dimensions: use your deep vision to solve mazes, riddles and other perplexing puzzles

 use your deep vision to solve mazes, riddles and other perplexing puzzles


Bringing the art of  The Magic Eye  to a new level of creativity and complexity, a collection of interactive perceptual...

Geometric patterns from patchwork quilts


Robert Field has travelled extensively and has taken his camera and a keen eye with him wherever he has gone. Many people will be both suprised and delighted by the sheer number and variety of...


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